Bob's Suck Page
Dedicated to companies and products that really suck

linens n things
Bought pillows from Linens and things.. Nice $80 top of the line king size down ones.  Well the down had quills that were strong  and long. After a few months they started working their way through the covers and sticking me.  I mean 100's of them.   Although they wouldn't break my skin they did scratch me. I would pick them out every few days but I finally got tired of the problem. Got to thinking it could be a problem for young kids I wrote an e-mail to customer service pointing out the product problems and potential safty problems. I didn't ask for a refund or anything. Got a standard letter telling quoting refund policies and procedures. I went out and bought new ones and Bed and Bath. Cost me $130 each but they have been great and worth every penny!!! After only two years on my list they are in bankruptcy. 11-10-2008.
 enterprise rent a car
Yep Enterprise rent a car. Went to rent a car for girl friend to make a short trip. She couldn't pass muster so I rented it for her. They new that, gave her keys, did walk around with her, and let her drive off. They called wanting their car, was overdue, told them I was having trouble getting hold of the gal. WHAT GAL they said, and then security, etc.  bottom line is they got car back, I paid th ebill. They put me on the rent a car "hot list" as a risk person  not to be rented to because "I let another person drive the car"!!!!!!
I guess we all know they suck. They have never invented ANYTHING. Just copy somebody else, get sued, drag it out for 10 yrs, settle and pay royalities, but of coarse the damage has been done. And they continue to turn out marginal operating systems with problems that were solved by anybody else years ago. They basically got us by the balls.................
trip advisor
Trip Advisor is really a business! Keep pulling my forum notes if they ever refer to why you shouln't take children to Tahiti on vacation. With no explanation. Also they keep sending me advertising on a "Hotel" in Costa Rica suggesting specials,etc. You try to get a quote and the days are full. All days for the next yrs are full. This hotel doesn't do buss with, etc. wheo Trip Advisor is tring to get a refer commission. Now they acuse me of promoting my "commercial" fishing business when I post on the Bora Bora forum. I'm just a fisherman who travels, no business interest in fishing for over three years, retired...... If you use them to check hotel or airline rates they advertise as good deals they may be twice as much as anywhere else. They are a scam!!!!!!!!!
mimi's padre island
Walked into this South Padre Resturant bar (Mimi's) area with a friend who had a lit cigrette in his mouth. All of a sudden there is this large person in his way "You need to take that outside!". A simple "sir this is a no smoking facility would have done. Also the food is ok but very expensive for OK. Less than 18 months on my list and they are out of business.
Williams Printing Corpus Christi

Wayne of Williams Printing runs poker games out of his house sometimes and will steal from you. Be careful. He stole over $100 from me. Took to small claims, won! By time constable made a face to face visit the costs of trying to collect cost Mr Williams almost $500. Another suck page win for me!!!!!!! 6-15-2008.

North Padre Island Walmart stores. After being on my favorate companies list for years thay managed to make my sucks list. Imagine going to your fav store, picking out about $200 in "stuff", writing a check from your stock account with a seven figure balnce and some service they have hired rejects your check. Just say "denied". No reason, no reason code, nothing. Just denied. Happened a 2nd time the same day at a different location. The poor clerk can't do anything and the store manager stated I can't do anything either. They don't aloow us to overide this system. This is a manager that is responsible for runnin a $1,000,000+ a month business. Many phone calls and e-mails no one can give me an explaination. I suspect it was as simple as Walmart has decided that they will sacrafice a certain number of customers for the overall good. Basically run off .001% of good customers to collect a few more % in instant cash. Buyt it's just a guess.

Century 21 North Padre Island, Corpus Christi, Island Estates. What a horrible experience dealing with agent "Morgan". Worst I've ever had in 14 houses over the years. Went to do a coulter offer on a VA and tried to put $$ in down payment line. Did not show up for any inspections. Buyer wanted air leak tested. I flew home from vacation day early to make sure it was handled. Was told that system couldn't be leak tested by "her" air guy until 4 days out because it was too cool outside. So I called my regular and got it done the next day. Phone calls were not returned on time or ever. Same with e-mail. Pleasent to talk too but as an agent to drive the process, look else where.

Yep, Home Depot North Padre Island, Corpus Christi. I suspect this is one of those "bean counter" company wide problems. In trying out the ol "customer checkout", they have gone one step further and cut the regular check out line down to one register. I'm just one of those that seem to make these things break. I also have trouble with voice recognition systems,etc. Anyway very long single line for the register with clerks waving trying to get you to come on down and try the self serve. I hung for 20 minutes and finally left the store. Went to Lowe's and got the same item for about .25 less.

Waited 6 months and decide to give them a try again. They had always had such good service. Well had a few hundred bucks of stuff, 3 outside lights, and went to check out. Sam o same o. One check out line and down the way a bunch of self serve registers. I decided to give in and go through thew self serve. I anly had a few items and it went ok. As I excited the store, about where the attended register was I heard the beep go of but kept walking. About 30 feet into the parking lot I heard the "sir", "sir", coming from behind me. I finally stopped and the clerk from the attended register was standing there. "You have to come back into the store", I said I have my receipt right here. She repeated I had to return to the store. I followed

We went to her register, line getting longer, and she dumped out mu stuff on the coulter and checked each item against the register tape I had. She made sure they were de-gouzed or what ever you'all do. Meanwhile the long line of customers was glaring at me. When she said shw done I asked where returns was, she directed me. I went directly there and returned everything. There was no line at returns and it probably took less than 4 minutes. I left and went to Lowes and bought the exact same lights and checked out without incident. It's really too bad some bad decession on a stores part that they can't seem to reverse will run off just enough customers to start a downward spirle that is hard to stop. Of coarse management now the "economic recession" to blame all the store problems on!

American Airlines still sucks. After 15 years of finding some way to avoid this airline, in a weak moment I decided to try them again. On-line res system bombed on me three times at the end. No e-mail or anything to let you know weather your booked or not, until hours later. Ended up double tripple booked. Phone call and said it was fixed. Then hours get confirmation via e-mail, double booked /charged!. So phone call. No problem I'll cancel one and put through credit. No conf e-mail or anything. Waited a few days and checked my on-line Visa. Double charged me. Another call and they tell me credit is in the works and I will get it minimum 3 working days! What! Guess they like to use your money for awhile. And then they put me in a center seat on longest leg. on a res thats a month in advance. Most airline res systems let you look at seats before you book, not AA. Web page shows plenty of seats, guess they won't release them unless you ane an AA Advantage member, good luck. I'll suffer through and maybe try them again in 15 years. Just horrible. They did give me a location on their web page where I could check on my (credit) status every day. A simple e-mail saying credit in progress would be nice, then I'd have something in my hand and I wouldn't have to remember to go check it every day. Meanwhile I loose interest on my money from Schwab every day!