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Club Mediterranée, from its inception in 1950 had been a non profit venture. In 1954, Gilbert Trigano formally joined Club Mediterranée and turned into a profit making business. The idea was to create a Polynesian "back to nature atmosphere". The huts were bare and the showers were shared. Outdoor activities were the main focus of daily life.

Club Mediterranée expanded quickly. Club Mediterranée moved into what would become known as the American zone in 1968. By 1982, Club Med, was represented in 24 countries by 98 villages, 58 residences and 6 resort hotels. As of November 2010 the resort company operates 80 villages in Europe, Africa and Middle East, North America, Mexico, the Caribbean, South America, Asia, Australia, Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean.

After my families first trip to Tahiti in 1976 Club Med become a habit. The GM/GO experience was to our liking and we continued to travel to a Club Med annually as a couple and with children until the present 2011. The last 10 years or so I have spent on average 30 days a year at a Club Med continuing to like the experience. At 69 I still go and when I pass it will probably be on a beach at some Club Med somewhere in the world. Since loosing my wife DoradoBob (CM Badge name) has been my traveling partner.

After the closings in Tahiti (Feb 2009) I have been going to Turks and following CDV Barq to Columbus Isles.