Club Med

Bob, Joan, Jennifer, Marc Greer

July 1976
-Bora Bora 
-Metal rooms in the jungle
-Club Owned Motu Tapu
-Beads Green and Red
-Peter our first Chef de Village
-Moorea for the 200 yr party
-No door locks
-Changed sheets once a week
-Holds maybe 26 GM's
July 4th, 1976
-Moorea With Christian le Chef
-Little Thached Huts-Great
-No door locks
-Introduced to "funny signs"
Air Fare $650
Land Rate $225 a week
UTA DC10's were great
Our first Brochure  (Moorea and Bora Bora) Two pages printed in Italy 1974
August, 1977
-Cancun new club
-Beads Brown and White
-Pool has green water
-Ele and water both fail
-We took showers in the rain
-Bastille day party was great
- Hawaii had a Club
-Closest hotel was 12 miles away
-No door locks

Room Assignment
Gregg! Our first and last American Chef de Village Air Fare $107
Land Rate $300 a week
An American Edition Brochure 1977/78
Sept, 1978
-Bora Bora and Moorea
-Beads Gold
-Hawaii disappearing
-Bora/Bora has over water rooms
-Holds approx 60 GM's
-Still no locks on doors-great.

Scuba Lesson (free)Card
Our first female Chef de Village Air Fare $592
Land Rate $$350 a week
Brochure for 1979/80
Sept, 1979
-Bora Bora and Moorea
-Gold,Brown and Cream bead
-First bad Chef in Moorea
-Food excellent
-Still learning the funny signs

C/M baggage  tag
First and last bad GO team Air Fare $701
Land Rate $430 a week
Summer 1980 Brochure
Sept 1980
-Eleuthera for two weeks
-Had a baseball field
-Still no locks-good
-Lost water for four days-OK
-Village was empty
-Great GO's
-Bob Capt of Green team sports day
-Of coarse we won

The dreaded Bar Tab
Chef de Village was great-Swiss Bought a travel agency. Free trip. American Edition 1980/81
June, 1981
-Cancun for three days
Sep 1981
-Xtapa for two weeks
-First Club with our children
-New club, roof leaked
-Went fishing
-Picnic was great
Great GO team Chef of Chef's Serge speeks in Brochure American Edition 1981/82

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