Club Med 1976-2000
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Bob, Joan, Jennifer, Marc Greer
July 1987 
-Great Bastille day party
Cancun is getting to be a habit Remember C/M credit cards Brochure 1986/87
August 1988 
Cancun 2 weeks
-Re-painted while we were there
-Arts and crafts gone
-Wrist bands to identify GM's
-Solid hotels as far as you can see
-Huatulco opens

Chef de Chef's
Now 23,000 GO's Gilbert & Serge 88/89 Brochure
 -Bora Bora blown away
Bora Bora 1999
165 Villages now!! Our favorate all time "GO team"!!! Fall 89 Brochure
New improved Bora Bora opens
Bora Bora 2000
Missed a few years here  The "BEST" GO team again Spring 90 Brochure
 -Busy moving from Dallas to Ohio
    1991 Brochure
July 1992
Cancun 2 weeks
-Wild card $999 introduced
-Bora Bora open
-Columbus Isle opens
Never changes 25 yrs in the USA 1993 Brochure