Capt Bob (Wahoo) Greer
Wahoobob   (fishing)
Boraborabob  (vacation)
Badbob    (friends)
Potbob  (poker)

Vessels from 20' to 100' up to 100 tons
Fish and party in Gulf, Bahamas, South Pacific, boraborabob@hotmail or

                                   Just Plane Bob
My Best Buddy Lil Bit
Front of the House
My current Girlfriend
Fishing is really Hard work
Four Blue Marlin, boated 2
Capt Bob and a small Wahoo
Lia and a nice Blue, Tahiti they eat em
Local after fishing dance
Inshore Fishing

Fighting a Blue, Bora Bora in backround
Ms Bora Bora, Ms Bakersfield, Ms Tahiti
Inshore Fishing 2007

Fishing with the Shark Queen
Love Fishing