Frequent Fishing Reports
A general view of how fishing is and going to be out of Port Aransas

12-28  Couldn't stand it so we headed out on Monday. It was a beautiful day. Saw three other boats and one head boat in the Rocks and Southern areas. Water was 71.5 and a little off color with a very strong drift. Fishing was really slow. We trolled plastic and then Ballyhoo resulting in two bonito. There were three shrimp boats just North of Hosp holding no fish. Very slow day but it was nice to be on the water.

12-21 - High wind and cold weather has all but grounded the fleet. Hasn't been our warmest winter. I think most like me are on to boat refirb projects hoping for a warmer spring with a good wahoo run. There is a good warm water line out past the rocks but I haven't a good enough day to check it out.

11-22 As suspected the Tuna catch was excellent over the weekend. Most I know trolled ballyhoo and feathers and having three to five on wasn't unusual. Seemed to be hanging around the rocks in 190-220' of water.  Looks like fri Sat may be nother window. Didn't hear of any wahoo or billfish but there may have been some.

11-18 Nice weather today. Looks like tomorrow, Friday, may be the only other day for awhile. Tuna, Wahoo and Billfish have been hanging around from Southern to Baker. First, I'd try trolling or drifting for tuna at Southern. You may tangle with some nice kings this time of year while chasing tuna. If Southern is dead, which it is sometimes, I'd work North to the rocks.

11-7 Seas were beautiful on Saturday but the forcast was wrong for Sunday. We headed out at midnight Sat and hit 15-20 knot winds and rough seas. Came back in. The boats that did make it out Saturday had some good fishing. Couple of Wahoo and a Big Marlin were caught in the Big Southern area. Another Blue was caught inside of Baker. One head boat even had a 76 lb Wahoo. Not too many went out, but those that did were rewarded with some nice game fish. And in fairly close.

11-5 - Break in the weather. Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon all look excellent. Look for warm currents out between the rocks and 100 fathom line. I'll report on what we find.

11-3 It's cold outside today. I had to down a coat to head down to the Cir K for my morning Starbucks Double Shot. And the wind continues to blow. Snapper season is now closed and non taxable diesel is about $2.00 a gallon (almost double from a yr ago). So expect to see fishing get more expensive next year. But I'm still optamistic that we will still have some calm seas between now and XMAS for some Tuna, Wahoo and late Billfish. So hang in and stay tuned.

 10-28 Wind still howling up to 25 knots and is forcasted to continue until a front blows though on Monday. Wind, wind, wind so no fishing and no fishing reports.  Snapper season closes in just a few days and it will really slow down fishing especially for the head boats.

10-24  With a pretty good forcast we hit the rocks to troll for Kings, Tuna nad Dorado. It was rough, 4-6 and 15 to 17 knot winds. With a strong South drift along with the SE wind the bite was off. Very light catch for just about everyone who ventured out, which was few. One large headboat made a 4 hr run South to the Anthill/Ranzells area and had one of the best snapper catches I've seen this year. Need for this wind to die down a little, form up some weed lines and fishing should be good with the water temp hanging around the low 80's.

10-22 Been pretty windy out of the S and SE for over a week now. But it looks like it will lay down a little this weekend, seas forcast 3-4 and 3-5 with 10-15 knots out of the SE.. I'll be trying, trolling Ballyhoo and Feathers on the rocks for Wahoo, Tuna and Dorado. Probably be a little tough to bottom fish. For those with adventure I'd try the Falcon rig, Dutra and East Breaks for Tuna and Billfish. Good luck all.

10-12 That storm that went into LA created some large swells over the last week. As well as a lot of junk in the water. Never seen so many logs floating offshore so watch out, especially running at night. NW winds along with the swells from NE have created real choppy seas offshore. We encountered 8-10' seas out at East breaks all day Sunday. Heard Sat was worse. It was some of the roughest weather I've been in. We did manage to hook a nice Blue that put on a great show. Unfortunatly it managed to tangle every line as he hound dogged back and forth the pattern. When it was all over we had lost it. Shrimp fleet offshore (200') has all but disappeared. So we've gone to trolling for tuna with some success over Baker and Hosp rocks areas. Small lures, feathers and Ballyhoo seem to creat the best results.Head boats have cleaned out most of the common snapper spots and will close the end of this month. With the winds coming back around to the SE fishing for kings out at the rocks should pick up.

10-4 Weather is on and off. Friday was rough and Saturday was beautiful. Tuna fishing is really hot right now on the small shrimp fleet out around  Baker.. As soon as the fleet grows it should be good just about anywhere in 180 feet of water plus. More Wahoo seem to be around.. Nice sized too, between 30 and 50 lbs.We seem to get one or two nice ones each trip. Reports of Billfish hook ups continue to come in from around the Rocks and Baker areas. Water temp around 84 should keep  them inshore  for awhile. Dorado all seem small like we usually get in the spring, not sure why. Snapper fishing is a struggle for every one, just not a lot around. Think the head boats have just cleaned them out. Lot of bottom sharks if you like them. King fish have all but disappeared but may turn back up if the water temp holds. No real strong fronts yet so we may have excellent fishing through to November.

9-26 Weather was perfect Friday and Saturday. We went out about noon on Friday and hit Baker. One blackfin and a nice wahoo off the rigs. Hit three shrimp boats and they didn't even have a bonito on them. Drift was too strong to bottom fish. Saturday was beautiful with 2' or less seas and sunny skies. Tried bottom fishing the Hospo Rocks area and couldn'd seem to get away from the sharks. Drift required 1 lb weights. A lot of boats out and I saw a few kings boated. We had a number of king strikes but lost all of them. Trolled North and hit an area about half way to Baker where their were scattered weeds and flying fish. Trolling the area we got a nice 35 lb wahoo and a dorado. Had a Blue Marlin in the pattern for awhile but he lost interest. Headed to the north Baker area. Got a 45 lb wahoo over the structures and then had two sails on. Missed one and got the other to the boat for a picture. It was a big sail.. friend told me he had three shots at Blue's on a weedline off Aransas Banks. So the billfish have finally moved in closer. Lack of shrimp fleet has kind of killed the tuna bite for now. Kings should recover as soon as the weather settles down. Looks like a pretty good fall shaping up.

9-20 Since Ivan created those big swells last week the fishing inside 40 miles has been off some what. Even with crystal blue water out at the roicks the snapoper and king fishing has been tough at best. I expect it has settled down by now but the weekend was tough. I took my own advice and headed to Falcon on Friday and then worked North. We were rewarded with a full box of tuna and had three blue's and one white marlin on within a two hour period. All were missed for one reason or another. Long story but we did have more shots in a day then I've had in a long time. Shrimp fleet has all but disappeared and along with it the tuna.  ?? So watch for the next fleet in 200' of water and they will be back. There were two shrimp boats at baker on Saturday with the whole fishing fleet working them Ugh! Don't think it paid for any of them.

9-15  Big swells from Ivan but with a period of approx 15 seconds they really are not a bother. Fishing close to shore is still on the weak side but try the rocks at Southern, Baker or Hospitol and there are plenty of bottom fish as well as tons of kings. Tuna are getting thicker and thicker on the shrimp fleets in 180' and more of water. Even a few nice Yellowfin are showing up. Or just troll around the rocks and you will probably get a few Blackfin and maybe some Dorado. All in all the fishing is pretty good right now. For those bill fishermen East breaks, Dutra area is still producing. Start at the falcon rig and just work North or South and you will probably get a shot at a Blue or White marlin.

9-8 Just got back from the West coast of Mexico. Little slow like here. North and NE winds and rain have kept the inshore (less than 25 miles) kind of slow. A real struggle to find kings on most days. Out in the 30 to 40 mile area around structure the snapper and amberjack fishing is still excellent. I haven't seen a ling in some time. If you like sharks big or small follow the shrimp boats around while dragging. We've had two large ones that can you believe hit Rapala's. There are some Blackfin arounf the shrimp boats from 40 miles and out. The good news is if you make the long trip to almost anywhere on the 100 fathom line you will be rewarded with a shot at a billfish and probably find some nice tuna schools. Small dorado around from 5 miles on out with an accational large one over the rocks. Looks like some more light N and NE winds for the next week but very fishable if you have radar. There are a lot of water spouts (tornado's) floating out there imbeded in the storms and they show up well on radar. Keep it safe.....

8-24 Well the fishing improved for a little while. But the wind like June came up and has been 15-25 daily since keeping most of us at the docks.. Looking at the satalite photo's there is also no current thus a lack of weed lines. And it looks like the next week is just more of the same. Wind, wind, wind! I was going to do the TWAT (Texas Womens Anglers Tournment) , but if the forcast doesn't change I'll probably pass. Good news the last time August was like this we had a great Sep, Oct, Nov and a little of December with great fishing. Hang in there.......

8-9 Weather continues good and the seas fair averaging 1-3'. Kings are thick anywhere from the end of the jetties to shrimp boats in 80-90 feet. I prefer to go SE about 15 miles and find some shrimp boats that don't have a crowd. I seem to get a few Dorado off each one as well as kings. Lack of currents and weed lines make targeting wahoo and big dorado difficult. Just have to troll near rigs and over structures.. Billfishing is slow for this time of year. Seems to be a lack of bait. I figured they were South but at the Tift last weekend at  Pt Isabel there we a lot fewer billfish caught than last year. But Snapper, Ling and Kings are very avialable. Some tuna coming in from the tuna fleets in 180+ feet of water but the bonito are so thick it difficult at best. All in all the bite had been good and should continue.

8-3 Calm weather still prevails and it's hot hot. King fishing near shore is hot and I'm seeing more and more big Dorado being caught inside 12 miles. Tuna are starting to gather around the shrimp fleets from 180 to 250 feet of water. Only problem is getting around the tons of bomito. Snapper fishing continues to be hot and more and more nice ling are showing up at the docks. Basically right now we are having an August that normally starts out in Early July. So expect the fishing to be just about a month behind a normal year which means it should be good all the way through November.  Tight lines.

7-29 Weather has been great and so has the fishing. Lots of Snapper, Amberjack and Ling on the structures at Baker and Hosp Rocks area. We got Blackfin at the Falcon rig the other day. One boat reported Blackfin around the shrimp fleet at baker. Not much current so there is a lack of weed lines right now. Kingfish are in close, try the color change All in all fishing is pretty good and an excellent forcast for the weekend.

7-22 Well it's been a great two weeks. So busy fishing since the weather cleared that I've let the ol web page go. Bill fishing has been slow but everything else has been greattttt. Kings are in, snapper and amberjack fishing continues to be good. Head boats still coming in with tons of Atlantic sharpnose shark. A few Blackfin tuna are showing up since the shrimp fleet started up about a week ago. Lack of good current  has really slowed the dorado and wahoo bite but a few large bulls show up every few days at the docks. Hot out there now and the fishing should continue to be good.

7-10 Weather has been hit and miss for the last week or so. The wind just won't lay down all the way. Seems to blow all night, lay down for the AM then start howling in the late afternoon. Good news the King Fish are pretty thick from the end of the jetties to the ships, and are averaging fairly big in the 20 lb range. Lot's of fun with the smokers. Few nice Dorado and Wahoo come in every day. Amber jack fishing is great on the deep water rigs like Cities Service. Head boats keep bringing in lots of Shark and Snapper. I've found the Snapper fishing to be slower than I can remember in recent years. A few Blackfin tune, fairly large, are coming in off weed lines in the Baker area. Last week one boat had a nice 15 pounder at the ships! Think they are just wondering around waiting for the shrimp fleet later this month. Billfish, a few Yellowfin are being caught out at Falcon, Dutra and the Dumping Grounds. Good time for that Blue if your up to the long haul out there.So I guess I wouls rate fishing average to good right now.

7-3 - A little choppy right now and forcasted to be the same for the next week. But the kings are in and all the other fish you would expect this time of year. The interesting thing is the occiosional tuna. Must be looking sround fro shrimp boats due to start up again any day. Only thing because of the wind are good offshore weed lines. Try South of Southern or North of Baker for a rip/weedline..

6-30 Litle rough yesterday but with the 2-4 forcast we headed for the Baker area to start. We stopped at the ships for a few kings and they were thick. Baker rewarded us with 4 wahoo, a big blackfin tuna and a big cow dolphin. Other reports were a lot of kings out at the Hosp rocks area and I saw a number of nice ling come in on the party boats. Saw a Marlin flag from the Breaks area. Looks like fishing is really picking up.

6-27 Finally!, Good weather and fishing. Lots of Snapper, Amberjack, Wahoo and Dorado coming in to the docks. Other than Friday the weather has been pretty good for fishing and the bite is on. Masters was Fri and Sat with the perfect storm on Friday and friday night. Pretty tough out there. One boat went all the way to the deep floater and was rewarded with three released Blue Marlin. Good Yellowfin catches reported fri and Saturday out in the Dutra area. looks like a good weekend coming up.

6-21 Hi Gang, been busy. Headed out for Marlin on Sunday night. Nothing at Dutra or East breaks. Lost steering Monday afternoon and came in. So went to work on that problem. Friday and Saturday were pretty nice offahore but the only boats (boat) that really did well on Friday went North and had some nice 40 pound Kings. By Saturday afternoon kings were finally showing up at the Standpipes. I've seen a few more Ling coming in and a few really nice Dorado. With the wind laying off a little the fishing seems to be really improving. Snapper fishing I think is poor at best for this time of year.. The boats doing well on Snapper and Amberjack are using live bait. A few billfish were caught out around and just past the 100 fothom line along with a few 100 lb plus Yellowfin. Finally shapping up to be a good summer. PS a few nice Ling starting to show up at the docks.

6-12 Stilla little choppy with a lot of green passengers out fishing. But Sunday, Mon and Tue look great for weather at least. For some reason the fishing has been pretty slow or at least not as good as one would expect. Saw a boat come in yesterday from 60 miles out with two fingers in a bag of ice with the ambulance waiting. It is a good reminder how dangerious it can be out there. Carry you medical kit and be careful. I sincerely hope the surgury went well for the young man. Were heading out tonight to hunt for big game fish and I'll let you know how it went.

6-7 Friday it layed down enough for many charter boats to head out. The bite was poor with the boat catching a few kings and snapper were the hero's. Really slow inside 40 miles. On Saturday the CC Big Game Club started the annual all season contest. Blue Marlin abounded out at the breaks area. One lucky boat got one on the way in by stopping at Baker. Some nice Yellowfin were also caught out at the 100 fathom line and beyond. So the boats who made it well offshore did really well on sports fish. We had a short inshore charter and the fishing was really poor. Now we are into the wind again for the week and we just wait.

6-3 Hung around the docks today to look over th catch. It was poor. Best catch I saw was two Amberjack and five Kings. Most were lucky to get but one or maybe two kings. Snapper were almost non existant. A North wind and small front hit early in the am and that along with the full moon was what most seemed to blame the light catch on. Forcast just changed again with 3-5 footers for Fri and Sat then more high winds and high seas. It will all be over sometime in June. Maybe the catch will pick up this weekend.

6-2 Wind still blowing but it looks like it may lay down for Friday and then Saturday may be fishable. Looking forward to getting out so I've got something to report. With the fishing preassure (few boats) over the last few weeks it should be great on Friday. I'd hit the structures like Hosp Rocks and Baker and maybe throw in Southern for good luck. Don't know where the weed lines but I'd bet on just inside Southern and maybe five miles East of the S Baker rigs. Good luck.

5-26 Just got my fourth call from a charter outfit trying to lay off a charter for the memorial day weekend. What are they all nuts, it's blowing 23 knots at my house right now. Small craft warnings have been out since last Thursday and it's getting worse this weekend. Slim possibility it may lay off a little for Monday but I doubt it. So were still stuck in this awful weather pattern. Reminds me of 99 when it blew until June 30 and then just died to nothing. Hope we don't have to wait that long. Think I'll wonder up to the docks and see what the head boats are bringing in. Have a good weekend anyway gang.

5-23 Been blowing like heck for a week now. Up around 20 knots and 6' seas for the last few days so I don't have any fishing reports for the weekend. Just cleaning and waxing the boat like most. It looks like the forcast for the next week through Mem day weekend is the same. So come on down and enjoy the warm weather and sun but don't expect much in the way of offshore fishing.

5-15  Well the wind was off a little and most boats booked headed out. Slight chop but a beautiful. Fishing was horrible. The drift had to be almost 4 knots out of the NE and the fish were just hugging the structures or whatever fish do when they don't want to be blown away. It was probably the slowest day fishing I've seen in a long time. If you came in to the docks at the end of the day with three of something you had a GREAT day. We had one Dorado and an undersized Snapper. Really, really bad. Sunday was a little better. No Wahoo , Tuna or Dorado but those who went out to the rocks had a slow drift and could bottom fish with 6 oz. sinkers and got thier fair share of Snapper. One boat who was drifting for Kingfish got lucky and got an early Sailfish. So it's starting to blow out of the SE again  with 3-5 ft seas predicted through next weekend. We do tend to forget it always blows this time of year but sometime in June it will get beautiful and with the early warm water the fishing should be great. Hang in there.

5-14 Wind has been blowing since last week. And the weekend looks really hard to predict. Blowing at over 20 knots right now on Friday and it's cooled off a bit. Looks like Saturday is going to be marginal with a slight shot on Sunday. Weather wise anyway. If you brave it, try trolling or drifting behind inshore shrimp boats for Blacktip Shark and maybe some Kings. It's just that time of year.

5-9  Had a few nice days, pouring rain but not bad seas. For those who were not afraid of getting wet there were limits of nice snapper and on a few boats limits of big amberjack and a few nice ling. Few wahoo and dorado came in during the last few days. Haven't seen a Mako at the docks either. Most are still fishing 25-40 miles offshore so I don't have any reports on kings in close, but I suspect anywhere from the end of the jetties to the ships would product limits. Waters pretty warm. Well we are still waiting for the first Blue marlin of the year and I suspect we'll see one in the next two weeks. Have a great week and don't forget Mothers Day.

5-5-2004 Hey gang, Monday was finally a great day offshore. Calm seas and sun. Tuesday wasn't as good but certainly fishable. Weedlines had formed up a bit but seemed to only hold small baby Dorado and not much else. Snapper fishing has been excellent since opening as well as Amberjack and Shark. Wahoo are still around the rigs and weedlines as well as tons of 30-40 lb Jack fish. We had five Wahoo on monday off rigs in 200+ feet of water and lost a few big ones on Tuesday but finally got a good one trolling out in the middle of nowhere. So wind is up again heading for the weekend as usual. Seems like this time of year all the good days are during the week.

4-29 Tuesday was the only decent weather day this week. A few boats ventured out for snapper and whatever. Offshore rigs like Southern are full of Jack fish, big ones. The few Wahoo that have come in are off weed lines in 180 to 250' of water. Some chicken dolphin on the weed lines too. Kings are in and abundent on the first color change at about 3 miles off the jetties. Wednesday was very rough but a few went out and fished hard for Amberjack and I saw basically a limit on two boats. One boat had a 23 lb Snapper. So here we sit with small craft warnings out until probably mid week next.

4-26 Rough and rainy weekend. And the wind was high and the drift strong, so snapper fishing was very difficult. Nice Mako and some snapper on one private charter. There were plenty of very big Jack's around from the end of the jetties to the 26's. Lot of bonito around too. We missed a nice dolphin out by the 26's and a bill fish that we think was a sail. With some flying fish arouind I would expect to see the first sail soon. Looks like just more rough windy days ahead for some time. Maybe we'll get it all behind us and June will be beautiful..........

4-15 Yesterday was beautiful. A few Wahoo on Southern and the Baker rigs. We got a 51 pounder on the Baker rigs and another smaller one on the Falcon. Some Amberjack came in from the Hospo rocks area. We saw one Blackfin off Southern. But generally a little slow probably due to the Perfect Storm we had on Saturday night and Sunday. One nice day on the water and the wind is howling again anf forcasted to do so for awhilke. But it's getting warmer.

4-11 Wahoo bite still on the slow side. Small Blackfin are hanging around Falcon rig for those willing to make the long trip. Kingfish have arrived somewhat early. We went out at 5:00pm yesterday and got 8 within an hour between the jetties and the ships. All on rapala's. Only ten days or so until snapper season opens, so get ready. Mako fishing is still hot on the structures around 35 miles. Water temp is also really up. Around 72-74 on the structures. Those fishing for Amberjack are having great fishing. A few ling are turning up. One at around 70 pounds was caught off the jetties on Friday.

3-31 Finally a nice day was predicted. Got up at 4:00am and it was blowing but headed up to the boat anyway. Headed to southern for Wahoo and the seas layed down throughout the morning. Southern was dead, so was everything else. We finally found Blackfin Tuna out at the Falcon rig around 4:00pm. We lost a few lures to Wahoo at the Dumping Grounds, price you pay for mono leaders. Another boat missed some big Mako's in the Hosp Rocks area but managed one small one. Generally gray water with slow fishing. Now another wait for some low wind days.

3-20 Spring Wahoo have arrived. Almost all the boats that ventured out to Southern today got a few nive Wahoo. I saw them from 30-80 lbs at the docks late today. Around 5:00pm and huge Make was brought in. I'd guess it at about 350lbs. Nice fish. The warm current is running up to and around Southern so we should have an excellent Wahoo catch for the next few months. As the weeks go by it should be good at all the structures up to N Baker. One boat thought they had a billfish, probably a Blue, on and got spolled. They only saw the big splash. On Friday a few tuna came to the docks also. Looks like the Spring fishing is finally picking up. Tight Lines to All.

3-19 Heard that a few Wahoo and Blackfin had been boated down at Southern early in the am. The bite was off by 11:00am. I was bottom and shark fishing with a bunch of beeliners and bottom sharks. Never did get a bite on out big shark rigs.

3-16 A beautiful day offshore on Tuesday. Calm seas and warm weather. We headed out to look for the weedline off S Baker and found it about 5 miles East of the S Baker rigs. 71 degrees and almost Blue water on the East side. We trolled it for hours and could only find tons of small dolphin. Headed into the Hosp Rocks area with Green water to try for Amberjack. Kept loosing them to sharks on the way up. Put out some shark rigs and had three Mako's on and lost all of them The largest had to be over 500 lbs. Jumped higher than the boat and looked like a whale when it hit the water. The weekend forcast looks nice.

3-15 Front coming through tomorrow but it should be light, however the wind will shift. The shifting winds have really fouled up the fishing lately. Wednesday and Saturday both look fishable. The warm water line (68-69) looks to have moved slightly offshore. Should find it within 12 miles off shore of Southern, Hosp Rocks or Baker.

3-10  Went offshore yesterday. The water was the color of what you would imagine the Mississippi would be like. 63 degrees all the way out to S Baker. No fish there. Headed offahore and about 7 miles East crossed a weedline thet was clean on the East side and 69.7 degrees!!!! Worked it and got a bunch of Chicken Dolphin and missed a small Wahoo. Headed out to Falcon and got one Amberjack. Slow fishing day. Friend went South all the way to the 100 fathom line and got a small Wahoo and a few chicken Dolphin. Temp break and clear water was at about 47 miles both S and SE. But fishing was slow. Was going out today but wind came up about 4:00am. Head boat boated a bunch of Ling and a Mako on one of the 26's  Saturday. Looks like bad weather until mid next week.

3-8   Well it's Monday and blowing like heck. It did lay down just a little over the weekend but only a few boats went out. One got a ton of tuna and a few amberjack in 500 feet of water out toward the breaks on Saturday night. I didn't see any reports of wahoo or yellowfin. It looks like a beautiful day Tuesday and Wednesday and I plan on fishing at least one of those days. We'll let you know how we do. Last week one Mako came in on the Scat Cat head boat in about 180 feel of water. Lot of bee liners and small sharks on the head boats with some kings thrown in.

3-1 Still windy out there. I made it out once in the last week and really got nothing but beat up from the choppy seas. Some boats have been working the rigs South 25 miles for Snapper and Redfish with good results. Still no tuna around and very few wahoo. So we wait for a few calm days so the seas can settle down. The water tempature is in the high sixties to low seventies out around 40 miles so the fishing should be excellent????????

2-17  Well gang yesterday, Tuesday was beautiful offshore. Basically water sking weather. But the fishing wasn't that good. One large boat hooked and lost two Wahoo. One at Southern and one at South Baker. Nice weedline in the North Baker wasn't holding any fish. Big event of the day was a boat came in early, probably spent Monday night on a rig with a beautiful 550 lb Make. BIG FISH. Today is once again beautiful and the fishing should be a lot better, however I couldn't get out. I'll report what I find out. Then Thursday high winds are back for awhile.

2-16 A beautiful day with light winds and sunshine. No reports yet but should have a pretty good idea how fishing has been by the end of tomorrow. Looking at the satalite infrared pictures there should be warm enough water all along the structures likr Hosp Rocks. Fairly good tempature break just inside South Baker which may have a good weed line and hold fish. Plan to check it out tomorrow. Tight lines......

2-11 Rain, wind and cold weather. Just can't get a break in the weather. Looks like maybe Sunday for one day but we need a few days for the seas to calm down. Headboat traffic is low and only going out on accasion.

2-5 Pretty bad forcast for the next seven days. I've been watching the head boats this week and they seem to be getting good limits of Shark and that's about it. Very strong current out on the structures and very durty water. I think we need the wind lighter and in one direction for a few days to clear things up and bring the fish in.

1-30 Headed down to Southern early Sat morning. Water was 68 degrees and dirty looking. No Wahoo or anything else down that way. Few other boats turned up and got no action either. Well a few Bonito to break the bordom. Headed up to the rocks with the same results. Head boats survived on bliners and Snotty sharks and a few Amberjack. But generally got notheing but slow repoorts. Got to get the water a little cleaner I guess. But it was a beautiful day on the water.

1-28 Water is still warm enough for just about anything just outside of Big Southern. Weather has been pretty bad offshore for a week now so there are no interesting reports. Saturday looks like it may be good enough for a run to Southern to see if the Wahoo are around. King fish reports on all the rocks around 30 to 40 miles have been good. That and Beliners and Sharks seem to be the fare on the head boats. See you on the rip Saturday if were lucky.  If you've  got the time and money the Sailfish are really running on the West coast of Costa Rica right now.

1-20 Was in Port A today. Heard the few good days we have had in the last two weeks have produced Winter Wahoo in the early am (6:00 to 9:00am) out at the structures like Southern, Hosp Rocks, Baker.

1-19 Been fishing the South Pacific for two weeks. So no current local info except word is no Winter Wahoo yet but plenty of Kingfish on the structures out around 38 miles. No word on Tuna. Fishing in the S Pacific was terrible. I think all the Dorado, Wahoo and marlin have migrated around Cape Horn and are currently in the Gulf of Mexico!

12-26 - Still a little windy and rough but the head boats brought in some mberjack and a limit of Kings off Aransas Banks and Hospitol rocks. Water continues to be warm (by normal standards) at between 70 and 72. Looks like the next calm day may be Tuesday or Wednesday.

12-23 Wind and rough seas again. Friday may be the only bet for the forseeable future. With the water temp holding at 72 out on the structures your best bet for Kings, Amberjack, Dorado, Wahoo and maybe a Bill would be Baker, Hosp Rocks, Eastern or Southern. Good luck and merry XMAS.

12-20 After waiting for the weather to clear for what seemed like forever, it layed down on Friday night. We made 20 miles toward Southern, dirty water. At 60 miles the water was still dirty and around 68 degrees. At 80 miles it still wasn't clear. We did see some flying fish and scatered weeds around the 100 fathom line. Put out the heavy stuff and decided to go for a late Blue of Yellowfin. Got one strike all day and caught a Blue Matlin . Nice XMAS present for the guys. No other strikes, not even a bonito.

12-16 The weather still isn't cooperating. Never seen such high winds for so long. So we wait at the docks waiting for a few calm days to fish. You really need a few days in a row so the seas can not only drop but clear up and give the fish a chance to move back in. We had planned a trip to the Noble Farrington rig a few weeks ago but all the on-line reports say it's moved back to LA area. If anybody has better info let me know. Won't be long know before the Spring Wahoo start to migrate through at around 40  miles. Last few years the bite has been from early Jan through March. I've been trying to plan a trip to Colt 45 to try for Yllowfin and maybe even a late Marlin but need two good days of weather.

12-4  Finally got a calm day on the 3rd. I headed down to Southern and hit 6 shrimp boats, the structure, the rig and a nice weedline looking for Wahoo and Tuna. Nada. Didn't get a strike all day. The Northern weather has just got them all run offshore I guess. Maybe we'll get more than one calm day soon and can catch something.

11-24  Poor weather has kept most of the fleet in Port. However the few who are adventuring out have been rewarded with great catches of Blackfin around the few shrimp boats in 180' of water or more. Always seem to be a few around the Southern area or Baker. Good news is the kingfish (good sized ones) are still out at the rocks. May be like last year when they never left. Few big Wahoo coming in now and then. Haven't seen any Dorado in some time. As I write this the seas are 17' out at the bouy's, UGH. But it may lay down for a day on Tuesday and then start blowing again. I'm leaving town for Thanksgiving weekend, so I expect some great weather and hot fishing. HAVE A GREAT TURKEY DAY!!!!!

11-15 was down for a new Port engine for three weeks so we were busy doing things other than fishing or reporting. Tuna fishing got real hot about three weeks ago and we've been in marginal weather since. I did a shakedown cruise last Sunday to make sure we got all the hoses and bolts down tight and didn't catch a thing trolling the rocks and eastern area's. It was rough. Didn't see one shrimp boat. Suspect they were up North in the baker area or further South. Just waiting right now for good weather to get out and test the waters. AND CATCH SOME TUNA!

10-12 - Tuna Tuna everywhere. Just about everybody who wanted to work the shrimp fleet in 180+ feet of water was rewarded with all the tuna they could stand. Try a 12 inch Piggy perch and get a big Yellowfin. All Good brought in a 170+ Yellowfin on Friday. Biggest in Port in a few years. Great job guy's. Unfortunatly i've been stuck at the dock working on an engine problem. They started showing up in large numbers last Monday and should be around as long as the shrimp fleet is. There are a few boats scatered from South of Southern to North of Baker. Let the seas be your guide.

10-8 East wind and a ton of rain is keeping most of the private fleet in Port. However Monday one boat found Blackfin on a shrimp boat in around 210 feet of water and boated 15 to 20. Great catch and hopefully a sign of things to come. Forcast is for rain and East winds for the near future. UGH. But maybe we'll see some sun and calmer seas for the weekend. Snapper season closes for the winter at the end of the month so lets stock up now.

10-6 High swells from Larry and generally light winds from the NE kept the water somewhat churned up. Green to Blue Gray out to 50 miles and the bite was off.. Generally very hard fishing over the weekend. Poor catches of kings, few if any Dorado, Wahoo absent and I didn't see any Tuna come in to the docks. As the water calms down and color returns so should the typically great Fall fishing.

9-30 Friday and Saturday were beautiful days offshore. On Friday we went to the floater at about 85 miles East. it was dead. We did get Yellowfin off a bouy inside about 80 miles. Other than that the Tuna and marlin fishing way out there was poor to say the least. Friends went out and apent Saturday at the floater with the same poor results. Haven't figured this out yet, it should be a rich area out there. Saturday the fleet that went South, Eastern, Hosp Rocks and Southern did real lousy. The few of us who went to South Baker and North got real lucky with our choice. Kings and Blackfin were around. Weed lines produced Dolphin and Wahoo. We had a Blue Marlin on for awhile in the South Baker area. Looks like it will blow all week and maybe come around to the SE for the weekend. Hope so.

9-15 Great weather this weekend. Nice to be offshore. However the fishing was really slow. A few boats came in with a limit of kings and a few snapper but the rest of us were just left scratching our heads. Definately a very slow fishing weekend. Lot of shark, lots of small dolphin, no wahoo and kings were very slim. Some nice rips, 22 miles, 32 miles were forming up Sunday afternoon but were probably spread out with the North wind come in that evening. The signs are that when we get a few days of fair weather the fishing should return to excellent..

9-10 The wind is back around to the SE and breaking up the rips and weedlines a little bit, but we did find one not to bad off Aransas Banks Tuesday. Held Dorado and Wahoo. Also missed a Sail and had a Blue on for awhile before it through the hook. We did chase a few shrimp boats just North of Baker and found a few Blackfin and a ton of Bonito. Looks like wind will be up a little for the rest of the week but fishing should be excellent.

9-8  Very calm waters, weed lines forming and crystal Blue water has really improved fishing. Wahoo are back, Dorado are back and the Billfish are moving in closer. Couldn't be a better September forming up. My favorate time of the year to fish. Snapper, Shark and Kings are still thick on the structures at 30-40 miles. If you can fish in the next few days try the Baker area looking for a rip/weedline and you may get your billfish, Wahoo or Dorado.

9-5  The Blue Marlin fishing is as good as it gets out of Port Aransas. East breks, Dutra area has some excellent weed lines and all the right conditions. Kings, Tuna, Wahoo, Dorado is good but not as good as it has been this year. After the waters calm down next week I expect all fishing to be great. I am convienced the water will stay warm late into the year and give us fishing like 1999 when I got my last Blue around Thanksgiving at 42 miles. Lot of rain around but pretty calm waters. I'm hoping the light NE wind forcast for the weekend doesn't kill the bite.

9-3 Trolling for Kings and Tuna out at the 30-40 mile structures is excellent. Blue water is about 21 miles offshore. There is still a lack of weed lines and rips to fish for Dorado and Wahoo so there are few coming in. AJ and other bottom fishing has been excellent at Eastern and Hosp Rocks areas.Weather patterns indicate a good Fall of fishing like 1999. We should have excellent fishing through late November at least. A number of boats released Blue Marlin out at East breaks last week. It will be interesting to find out if the latest storm chased them off.

8-29 Been probably the best weather week all year and everybody is at home getting the kids in school and preparing for a barbaque with the family8-26 Weather is beautiful. 1-2 foot seas since last Friday and the forcast is good. We went to the new floater out East 94 miles and it was dead on Saturday. TWAT tournament day and we ended up at the East breaks. Few weed lines and fewer fish. Some Blue's came in and the sailfish winner went south towards Ranzells. Some boats were just in the right spot with many of us missing the few opportunities we had. Word has been the kings have really thinned out but the tuna are building around the shrimp fleets in 180+ feet of water. We finally found some boats with fish North of Baker about 50 miles out on Sunday. Snapper and shark fishing continues to be good for the head boat fleet. Dorado and Wahoo are hard to find with the lack of weed lines and rips.

8-18 Kings are thick at the end of the jetties and out at the rocks. Tuna are abundant out at the Hosp Rocks area if you troll small feathers. Drifting ribbon fish will also bring you a limit of Kings. Shrimp fleet seems to have really thinned out South. If you find one you'll probably find a crowd around competing with you. Few Dorado and Wahoo around. Bottom fishing has been difficult due to the strong drift at Southern and the Rocks. Baker has been a lot better for those who make the extra distance. AJ fishing has been excellent on Eastern and the deeper rigs using live bait. Lack of weed lines and rips seems to be the big story. Maybe the aftermath of Erica will bring some back.

8-4 Water is still a little cool near shore so king fishing seems to be the best out at the rocks in 180+ feet of water where it's a lot warmer. I was at the TIFT for the weekend and the billfish bite was really on. In the two days 26 Blue Marlin were caught and all but two released. Sails and Whiltes in numbers were released too. Lack of rips and weedlines kept the wahoo, dorado and tuna catches, ok but not good. Catches of Blackfin continue to improve around the shrimp fleet between 30 and 50 miles offshore. One boat brought in 20 or so today off one shrimp boat. Yellowfin are still hard to find. Bottom fishing continues to be excellent for snapper and shark.

7-28   Water is a little cool near shore making it difficult to find kingfish. But the water is warm and finally really Blue out 20 miles or so. Find the shrimp fleet and work them hard in 150+ feet of water. We are starting to see more and more Blackfin around them and a few Yellowfin. We found one boat and stuck with it almoat all day out by Southern and got a nice 50 lb shark, lot of large bomito, 4 big blackfin , a dorado, and two 20 lb kingfish on Sunday.  Snapper catch is still good. I have seen very few ling, wahoo or dorado this last weekend. But it's finally getting back to normal since the hurricane.

7-24  The fishing is really hit and miss right now. Seems like the rivers up North are really dumping a lot of dirty water and it just keeps us and the fish confused down here. One day will be great and the next you can't find a king on a bet. Everybody is hitting the shrimp boats with no fish at all, but today one group found 8 blackfin and a yellowfin South in about  18- feet of water. Wind has basically broken up all the good rips and weed lines, So head on out and hope to get lucky. Bottom fishing continues to be excellent out at any of the structures like Hosp Rocks, North and South Baker. Forcast for the weekend is 2-4' seas with a very short period. Rough by any standard.

7-21 The weekend had interesting weather. Little choppy in the am, then really nice all day then a little choppy in the pm. Bad news the water was really ugly due to the huricane mid week. Most of the charter fleet that worked inside 30 miles had horrible catches. Ugly green water. On Friday and Saturday there were some realy cool rips out in the Baker area with deep Blue water on the East side and produced Wahoo and Dorado for those who ventured out that far. We had pretty good catches both days in the area. Kings were also thick if you caught the bite on South Baker both days. Sunday was really light for everybody. Kings were still out at Baker but just didn't want to bite. Blue water had moved all the way out to the 100 fathom line and the Snapper all seemed small. The shrimp fleet is out but no tuna around them right now., We did manage one Blackfin both days off weedlines. So expect things to improve quickly over the next few days as the water returns to normal.

7-14 Deep Sea Round-up had excellent fishing and catches. Seems like just about everybody got some nice Dorado and Wahoo on numerious weedlines. Billfishing was a little slow except on rips and weed lines out in the Baker area and beyond. Don't have any reports on other species but will report when I get some. Forcast for this weekend looks pretty good right now.

7-7 Looks like good fishing and weather this weekend for the Deep Sea Round-up

7-5  Well gang I've been busy fishing and doing repairs at night. Last week the North winds seemed to kill the good bite we've had. Some nice dorado around but the bottom fishing is getting tough. Hard work involved in getting that quota of snapper. No ling around yet but those who are willing to work the deep rigs the AJ bite is still good. Wahoo fishing is a lot better than normal for this time of year. Weed lines in 180+ water is producing these wahoo and dorado. Very rough SE winds over the weekend kept all but the most hardy inshore. Kingfish were almost impossible to find in shore. One boat made it 9 miles on Saturday and was rewarded with a limit of kings on the last anchored ship. But all others were lucky to bring in just one or two. Random sail fish are being caught on the weedlines too. Basically the fishing is excellent when the weather cooperates.

6-22  Weather was fantastic for the period of Thursday through Saturday and then rough Sunday. Not too many Billfish or Dorado but everything else from Kings in close to Snapper out at the Banks was great. A few nice Wahoo coming in everyday. Hammerheads around the rigs in close from 50' to 200'. Kings were thick from off the jettiea out to the rocks at 200'. Amberjack still coming in in numbers with just a few Ling showing up at the docks. Not too many rips ot weed lines offshore, mostly just broken. One lucky sole got three Wahoo off a broken weedline inside Southern. We got one nice Wahoo Thursday off Southern and another 56 lb one off Hosp Rocks Saturday. Windy right now with a forcast of 10-15 knots for the Masters this weekend.

6-16 Foul weather prevailed over the weekend. Boats that went out faced 5-7 foot seas on Friday and big thunder storms on Saturday. made fishing difficult at best. Most just hit the ships for kings on Friday and on Saturday got run in because of storms. We hit the kings in close on Friday and did ok and Saturday stuck it out ending up snapper and king fishing at Hospitol Rocks. Did ok but never got one hit on the drift baits while bottom fishing. Good news is we have an excellent forcast for the week probably through the weekend. Maybe I'll have a trip to try for billfish this week. Wharf Cat got tied up on a rig Friday in very high seas and did a lot of damage. Rig fishing can be dangerious.

6-11 Well the high winds will probably keep everybody inshore for a few days. Forcast is in the 20 knot range through Saturday. So after two beautiful weeks of good weather it's time for boat maintance I guess.

6-8 It's Sunday, the sun is out, skies are Blue, seas are calm and the fishing is great. Daily a few boats are coming in with Blue marlin flags and occationly a Sail. Snapper, Ling, Amberjack, Kingfish and Shark seem to be in abundence. Try Southern or Hosp Rocks for a real good mixed bag. A few stray Blackfin and Wahoo are still around. Seems like no matter you go there are enough fish to satisfy just about anyone. Saturday we had a big Wahoo, Blackfin, Shark, small Dorado, bunch of kings and Snapper. Small Grouper thrown in with a bunch of Bonito.

6-4 "IN PERSUIT" got a nice Blue Marlin yesterday and the Temptation had one Sunday. I'm sure their are more I don't know about. Seems like they are in thick "as marlin can be" at Baker down to the Southern area. So get out the Ballyhoo or run artificals with at least one moldcraft allaround in the pattern. Aj fishing continues to be as strong as I've seen it. A few ling showing up and the Kings are still thick close to shore.

6-1 Another great weekend with fair weather. Wind is up a little but tolerable. The Kingfish are in in numbersas well as tons of Jack fish. JNust put out a few Rapala's and some ribbonfish at the second bout offshore and head for the ships or standpipes. You'll get your limit in short order. Didn't see any tuna but heard that a giant over 1000 pounds was caught off LA over the weekend. Snapper and AJ catches continued good out at the rocks in 190 feet of water as well as shark. Few nice sized Dorado and a few Wahoo come in. The big news is a number of boats had Blue Marlin inside 50 miles at Baker and Aransas Banks areas. It just keeps getting better. If the big Ling would show up our fishing would be complete. All we need is continued good weather...........

5-26  Turned out to be a beautifulk weekend. Corpus Christi Big Game Club seemed concentrated on East Breaks and a number were rewarded with Blue marlin. Inshore around the rocks there were lots of Kings, Snapper and Amberjack to be had. A few big Ling are coming in too. Wahoo and Tuna bite is slow with just a few hitting the docks. We had a Sail off Aransas Banks on Friday and a Wahoo both Fri and Saturday. Jack's are everywhere. In around the jetties and we had some in 1200 feet of water on weed lines. More Blue's are being hooked up close to Baker so be ready for the big one at any time.

5-19  Well gang the weather finally broke and fish are coming in to the docks. Blue Marlin in the Baker area, Breaks and Dutra. We had two on Monday at Dutra. Friend Ryan got one at South Baker on Sunday (his first). I'm sure there are many more that I haven't heard about. Bluefin Tuna? Yes out at the Diana rig. Two gaffs and one guy overboard trying to get one in the boat over the weekend. Saw a 60 lb Ling at the docks today and a 80 lb AJ. Good sized Dorado have been coming in too. Snapper limits and lots of AJ's seem to be routine.  Wahoo have slowed dfown quite a bit as have tuna although we had three on Monday. Just not big numbers. Only thing not around right now seem to be Kings. One here and one there is about it. This really looks like 1999 all over again, just good fishing but a few too many tropical storms.

5-17 Woke up this morning, Saturday, and the wind was dead calm. Go figure. I had let my charter for the day cancel due to the poor forcast. Anyway it looks great all day today and maybe Sunday. I'll report what I can find at the docks this afternoon.

5-16 Still windy and forcasred to be that way for the weekend. Little lull for Sunday and then back to the windy conditions. Jack Caravels are thick within 5 miles and are a gas to catch. A few in close Kings around and it should improve quite a bit over the next few weeks. Water temp 5 miles out varies between 78-80 right now. Hang in there and enjoy the wind while we have it. Going to be a hot summer.

5-10 Wind and more wind. Forcast was to lay down Monday but that now looks like it's up in the air. So we wait around the docks and talk fishing and drink beer. Another favorate hobby this time of year is to start rumors or whatever. Just sitting around in a group drinking always talking about the ones who aren't present sometimes stasrting the rumor mill really rumbling. Latest big rumor has to do with the first Blue Marlin of the year. Was supposed to be caught last weekend but the pictures taken can't confirm weather it's a Blue or White Marlin. There are those who believe and those who use the argument that if it was a contest photo they would get credit for a White since the dorsal fin is hidden in the pictures. Actually in a contest they would have gotten credit for a White based on the avialable photo's. That's just the breaks for poor photo's. I try not to take sides since I wasn't there but I know the person's involved and they are excellent fishermen. So I'm sure the rumor mill will heat up on such subjects until the wind dies down and we all get busy fishing. Lets hope it lay's down soon. The water is warm and there are a ton of fish out there.

5-9 Wind continues to blow and is forcasted to continue until at least Monday. Even the head boats turned around and came in the other day. It's just that time of year guys.

5-4 The forcast for the weekend was terrible. But as is sometimes the case NOAA was really wrong with calm seas and beautiful weather in general for the weekend. After forcasting high winds for three days they finally arrived Sunday. The water temp out at the rocks was as high as 74 degrees. Fairly warm for this time of year. Jack Crevelles were everywhere inshore and can be a blast to catch. The normal fare was Snapper and Shark out at Southern and the Rocks with a few Dolphin thrown in. Generally everybody hd a pretty good catch.  I didn't see any Wahoo or Tuna, and just a few Kingfish. I suspect the kings have moved in closer to shore and we all overshot them. With a prevailing SE wind I can't wait to get out again in a week or so when the wind dies down. Wouldn't be suprissed to see billfish around in close. Update, got an evening report Sunday from Todd and they found a weed line off Baker and fished it out to the 100 fathom line. Result was 8 Wahoo, 2 Bull Dorado and a White marlin lost after a few jumps. Also hit the new rig out off Dutra and got a few nice Amberjack. It's going to be a great year guys.

4-25/4-26 Well the waether was perfect and the bite was on!!!!!! for both Friday and Saturday. We  went to the Breaks looking for an early Marlin and couldn't get a strike. Stopped at Baker on the way in and got a nice Wahoo, 2 big Amberjacks, 2 Blackfin and a few large snapper. Saturday was a Southern and Hosp Rocks venture and produced a large Amberjack, 2 Wahoo, 1 Shark, 2 Dorado (one large 30 lb Bull) and 19 Snapper. Action was hot on the weed lines on the West side of Hosp Rocks. Just a lot of bait and activity every where. And the weather was perfect. The water temp at 35 miles was 73 degrees, just about warm enough for anything. Shaping up to be a hot year of fishing.

4-22 Snapper season is finally here. Now we just need to get some decent weather. It was fairly rough on Monday, 1st day, and few boats went out. The drift was also really strong a everybody had trouble bottom fishing. However the catch on the head boats was excellent. It looks like maybe Friday and Saturday may turn out to be fair weather days and we can all head out and get some of those Sow Snappers we've been throwing back all winter.

4-15 Happy Tax Day. Well a lot of boats made it offshore in fair weather on Friday and Saturday. Those who hit Hospitol Rocks or Baker area were rewarded with limits of kingfish up to 30 lbs as well as a mixture of shark. A few nice Mako's were seen among the kingfish but I didn't hear of any brought in. Only heard of two yellowfin of around 30 lbs coming in and no blackfin. Those that ventured further offshore to places like Dutra and the breaks got litterally nothing. Heard there were about 17 boats seen in the Taquila area and nobody caught anything. Correction......Steve Hudson e-mailed me with a reports site that is active with Freeport fishermen ( and some of them had good catched. A few Wahoo, Dorado, a Sailfish and a Marlin as well as big Aj's. Water temp is a little higher up there than the Breaks South.. Well only a few days left until snapper season so lets hope for some great weather.

4-10  Wind finally layed down for a few days. Looks like Thurs, Fri and Sat may be good fishing days. No recent reports since the fleet has been staying in port. The head boats are cleaning up on shark and kingfish out at the rocks. A few nice Grouper are coming in too. Should have some interesting reports after the weekend. The water temp has dropped into the mid from high 60's in the last two weeks. It may encourage the tuna to come back in.

3-30 Well the wind blew the seas up to 10' this last weekend. Sunday did lay down for awhile but I don't know anybody who was left in town to go out. Right now it's forcasted to blow through at least Saturday so it's looks like another bust weekend coming up. Maybe they will be wrong. Good news is the Snapper season opens in 21 days and there are a lot of big ones out there. Can't wait.

3-22 Fair weather for last Friday and Saturday. A boat brought in a few Blackfin on Thursday, first we've seen in a month. We hit a few Blackfin right away on Sunday then nothing for the rest of the day. Good news is there have been a few tuna and should be more in the coming weeks. Wahoo bite continues to be weak. One came in from the rocks on Thursday. Head boats are bringing in limits of shark with a few Grouper. Forcast for the next week is pretty bad.

3-17  Fair weather has been with us since Saturday. The Tuna and Wahoo fishing has all but disappeared. Kingfishing continues to be strong out at the rocks. As soon as we get a week or so of fair SE winds I expect the Wahoo and Tuna to return.

3-9  A lot of fog over the weekend but otherwise the seas were calm and it was in the high 60's to low 70's. Great for the beginning of spring break. For some reason the fishing has been slow for the last week. No tuna or wahoo and not much else out there except the kings are pretty thick out at the structures like Hosp Rocks. We had a good day with Dolphin and Kings on Friday but Sunday a good fish couldn't be found. Some of the head boats are running all the way down toward Port mansfield to snapper fish inshore. On the overnight Saturday trip the Scat Cat had an 80 pound Grouper. But generally it's been slow. Think the high winds from the North has run them off. A few more days of lighter winds should improve things considerabley.

3-1 The cold, windy and wet weather continued this week through the weekend. Confused choppy seas made it difficult to get out and fish except for a few die hard crews. One 39' Hatteras did beat their way down to Southern on Saturday and were awarded with 6 nice Wahoo for their effort. I didn't get any other reports. The water has cooled a little to around 67 degrees out at the structures but the fishing should still be excellent when we all get a chance to make it out.

2-13  I dropped by the head boat docks late yesterday and didn't see any Tuna. However there were big catches of Kingfish, Shark and a few nice sized Amberjack's.

2-11-03 Hi gang. Sunday and Monday were beautiful days. Only report I have (I've been busy painting on the boat) is a friend went to the floater out around 80 miles and did well.. In a half day they got 8 Yellowfin and almost 20 Blackfin (all big). WEaiting for the paint to dry and good weather to get out there. Looks like the next shot may could be Monday or Tuesday a week

2-1-03 - Boy the weather was perfect on Friday and Saturday. It was good enough for me to put the rod holders, chair, etc back on the boat and get back to painting next week. 1' seas, calm winds and sunny. But the fishing was a little slow. Saw a few kings and lost both, one on a rapala and one on a ballyhoo. Got a ton of bonito at both Southern and Hosp Rocks. Also put back more snapper than I could count trying for a Shark at the Rocks. Did get a nice Wahoo at Southern early.  The suprise was a lone Dolphion off Southern on a rip. I did hear about one boat who found tuna, one got a Mako at the Rocks and one stayed on the rig at Southern all day and ended up with four Wahoo. But generally it was a slow day for Wahoo and Tuna. And it was a large fleet. Never seen so many on top of the rocks at Southern.

1-29 Not too many made it out last weekend but those who did got good Wahoo and Blackfin catches. Looks like Saturday may be a nice fishing day with the wind coming up late in the day. Warm water line (67.5) is just inside Baker down across the rocks to Southern. So we'll see you on the water Saturday.

1-17 Going to be a little cool this weekend but the winds will be down. Expect to see a lot of boats offshore chasing tuna and wahoo. Over this last week most boats who ventured out got a lot of Blackfin over the structures and behind shrimp boats but few Wahoo came in. Nice catches of kings are comming in too. Water is still clear and around 70's out at Baker, Hosp, Aransas and Southern. Good luck this weekend.

1-10 Tuna rea back. Most boats that went out Wecnesday with fair skies and calm seas come in with tons of Blackfin Tuna. Most popular spot was Hospitol Rocks area. Next weather break looks like Monday or Tuesday. By then the Winter Wahoo should have re-stocked down at Southern. Should be great fishing.

1-4-2003 It was a beautiful weekend down here, calm winds and in the 70's. Bad news was the Tuna were kind of thin. Good news the winter Wahoo have showed up early. Just about everybody got some nice Wahoo this weekend. Our biggest was 65 lbs. Kingfish were out on the structures but hanging around the bottom. We stayed out overnight anf had 14 SOW Snapper overnight we had to put back. The head boats came in with ton's of shark both days. Basically it was like summer fishing. I didn't see any Dorado but there may have been some.

12-28-2002 Can you believe the water temp out at the rocks is over 70 degrees. At Hosp Rocks they are slaying the 15-20 lb Kingfish in December!!!! Wharf Cat had a big Mako on out there today but lost it after a long battle. The tuna were thick at Big Southern today. We were looking for Wahoo and couldn';t get away from the Blackfin. But!!!!! Dorado at Southern on the last weekend of the year. And the water was beautiful. Dolphin Express was anchored out there and got a ton of Blackfin. They did have a big Yellow on but lost it after a long battle. Fishing is just great!!!! Just got to get those few good weather days. Happy new year allllllllllllllll.

12-23 Looks like the weather may break for a day again on Friday. Lets hope so. If it does we'll be out there trying for tuna. wahoo and maybe a bill fish. I've seen scatered reports of big kingfish, dorado and wahoo out at the structures like Baker, Hospitol and Southern. It's starting to look like a good ElNino. Last time we had one it was a beautiful summer and the fishing was great. Merry XMAS all.

12-18 It was forcasted to be beautiful this last weekend, however it turned out to be a little rough out there. Tuna out at the floating rigs is still the story. A number of boats made the long treck to Diana Hover (100+ miles) and were not rewarded as well as those who hit the closer one at 84 miles. Seems like more Blackfin and fewer Yellowfin this last weekend. But there were definatly more Dorado indicating there may be some Blue's still out there. With these weather patterns there may still be late year Blue out there. Just need a few more lat down days between now and the 1st.

12-12 The weather broke for a day again on 12-11. We hit Colt 45 and it was worse than dead. made the long run to the floater and it paid off. In just a few hours we got two Yellowfin, 10 or so Blackfin and a killer 45 lb Dorado. Saw mu forst whale in the Gulf in the area of the floater. Looks like continuing poor normal winter weather with an accational tuna day for awhile.

11-23  Finally got a lay down Friday night and a few guys showed up for the "Last minute Trip". We left at 9:00pm sharp and headed out getting there about 4:40am. Fish were hanging under the lights around the floater and we got some Blackfin and as dawn came we got a few yellowfin.  With a full moon the bite ended at dawn, or really slowed down. We got a few 100lb class Yellowfin, a smaller one and some Blackfin. Good trip. One boat turned up late in the day and hooked a double Blue Marlin as we were leaving. One boat who had been there earlier in the night got 7 big Yellowfin.

11-19 Wind wind and more wind out of the North. Looks like there may be a normal break in the weather cycle by late Saturday or Sunday. Lets hope so.

11-15  Cold and windy conditions prevail. The most exciting reports seem to all revolve around the Marlin and Yellowfin catches out at the "new" floater. This rig is only 83 miles offshore and puts iwithin distance of a long day trip. Only those who can get out on the spur of the moment when the weather breaks for a day have enjoyed the experience. We have tried the last two Thursday nights when the forcast was for a laydown and good weather the next. Both times we have been chased back in shore due to high winds and seas. Were just waiting for a better forcast to try again.

11-3  Well Snapper season is closed for the year, at least outside of 9 miles. Weather continues to be a problem. Just shifting winds, rain and high seas day after day. Watch for the weather window and plan on catching some tuna.

10-29 Only a few days of snapper fishing left in Federal waters. But the good news is there are tuna around the shrimp fleets in 150+ ft  of water. Just troll by with some feathers if they are dragging and if you get a strike just slam on the breaks and start chumming. If they are at anchor just pull up and throw some chum over. Almost all boats going out for tuna are bringing in a lot of Blackfin with a few nice Yellowfin thrown in. Just got to get out when the weather is good, which is rare right now.

10-18 Thursday and Friday were beautiful days offshore with light winds and low seas. Tuna catch is really picking up (around shrimp fleets Baker) with good catches of Blackfin and a few Yellow's thrown in. Snapper continues to be excellent with the only weak bite being King Fish. The real story is the new floater is just loaded with large Blackfin. GPS is on my web page. A number of boats hit the floater on Thursday and were rewarded with great catches of 100 LB Yellowfin, Blackfin, Wahoo and Dorado. One boat lost a Blue Marlin on a weedline off the floater and another got a Blue further up the line toward Dutra. Can't wait for the next weather break to try the new floater for Blue's and Yellowfin. Pictures from two boats who went to the floater are on index page.

10-12 Friday and Saturday were beautiful offshore. Fishing was excellent and the TUNA were finally around. We caught ours off trolling shrimp boats in the Baker area but some others were caught chumming aff the anchored ones. All were caught in 180+ feet of water. One boat went out to the new floating rig offshore (about 85 miles) of the Dumping Grounds and had six Yellowfin in the 100 lb class. Others in that area had a few. A few nice kings were still around in deeper water and the snapper fishing was excellent. The boats that went South toward Ranzells seemed to have the largest ones. We had 18 good keepers from the structures at Baker. Fishing is the way it is supposed to be this time of year, just have to pick those nice days between fronts.

10-7 - Once again we had good weekend weather. And the fishing improved quite a bit with the Blue water line into 25 miles or so. The only tuna that seemed to be around were near Hospitol Rocks. We hooked three Bl;ackfin just messing around in the rain. The water temp was about 82 degrees but we still managed to raise a sail on a ballyhoo while bottom fishing. Those that went bottom fishing seemed to do well on the rigs up North and way South toward Ranzells. Also saw some kingfish come in. If this front isn'r too bad this week we mave have more tuna out there soon.

9-29 - The weekend held beautiful weather and nice seas. But the fish were nowhere to be found. Very light catches including bottom fish. Only thing that was sure was lots of shark over the structures. The constant weather changes has chased them off somewhere. And it looks like Lili may bring us more confused high seas by late in the week.

9-26 Looks like it's going to be a beautiful weekend. Projected light wind and 2' seas. Should lay down to just about nothing at night. Satilite images show fairly warm water over Southern, Aransas Banks, Hospitol Rocks and South Baker. I susprct there will be some decent weed lines at 20 miles or so. Good luck.

9-22 Wind really dropped off fro Friday and Saturday. But it looks like the North/East wind did a lot of damage. The bite was generally very poor. Blue water was out past 75 miles somewhere, we never did find it. Bottom fishing has been poor too so most boats who wanted serious fish went South toward Ranzells and it paid off.  Tuna are still very few and far between. Guess we will se what the seas hold after this hurricane passes, hopefully NE of us. Looks like the weekend will be a bust because of weather no matter where it heads.

9-15 Still just a few random tuna comming in. Water is still just a little warm. Generally the weedend had beautiful weather for a change. However the NE wind and rough seas since Labor Day has done a lot of damage to the fishing. From bottom to sport fishing the catch on Friday and Saturday was as weak as I've seen in a long time. A Wahoo here, a Dolphin there, a few billfish and ever the snapper seemed to all be undersized with the exception of a few. Blue water was at 50 miles on Saturday morning and at 30 miles by late afternoon showing signs of recovery. So this fishing should pick up in the next few days.

9-12  As most of you probably know we've been blown out with weather for the last 10 days. Looks like a great weekend though. It's hard to say how the NE wind we've had may have effected the fish, blue water line, etc.  Just won't know until the fleet starts out Friday. But at least the forecast is good

9-03 -  Labor Day weekend was very interesting. The wind was out of the E NE all weekend and it ruined just about anything but bottom fishing. The good news is a few tuna were boated around Big Southern and Aransas Banks. But still no big catches. Looks like the bill fish are moving in closer to shore and it's easy to over shoot them. Ballyhoo in the Baker/Hosp Rocks will get you a shot at a Blue or White. We raised and missed one White Monday at Baker. Looks like the East wind will be around for awhile with few good weed lines or rips, so bottom fishing is the word.

8-29 -  Weather forcast is great for the labor day weekend! 1-2' seas.And the bite seems to be on. Kings are at the jetties, wahoo and dorado are all over under weedlines. Billfish are being caught inside 45 miles and the bottom fishing continues good. Can't ask for much more guy's. Head out to Southern, Hosp Rocks or Bakers and expect a good day. Stop and hit the weedlines on the way there. Only thing to improve is the Tuna bite. A few more are comming in each day so we have a positive trend.

8-26 1/2 Local boat went out today and had 300 lbs of Dolphin + Kings + Wahoo. Weedline working in 200' of water.

8-26- Last weekend was certainly better than the previous one when we all got blown out. Still a little choppy near shore (short 4 footers) and a nice 2' chop out past 40 miles. Kings are still hit or miss but were all over the structures in 180 feet and over. Bottom fishing is still excellent at Baker, Aransas Banks and Hospitol Rocks. If you have live Piggy's they all produce AJ's too. Wahoo and Dorado is still the hit of the summer. Hit the weedlines in the Blue water (about 28 miles) and sooner or later you'll catch one or the other. Sailfish are still in close at Baker, The Rocks and Big Southern. Blue and White Marlin are hanging out further offshore at the Dumping Grounds, East Breaks and Dutra. The hot new good news is the tuna are starting to show up. Just a few out at Hosp Rocks and Aransas Banks but at least they are showing up. I would expect within a few weeks they will start to gather around the shrimp fleet. I'll keep you posted. Forcast for lobor Day weekend is good right now. 2-4' with light early winds up to 15 knots in the afternoon. Good fishing weather.

8-17 - I guess the weather this weekend was a payback for the great last weekend. The weather has been terrible since last Wednsday. Wind in the 17 to 30 knot range 24 hours a day and confused 5-9 foot waves. So really not a fishing weekend for most of us. Head boats did ok but had a lot of trouble holding over their favorate spots. Lets hope for better next week.

8-11 - What a great weekend. Wahoo and Dolphin were back. Almost everybody who ventured out past 35 miles found a weedline and Wahoo and tons of Dolphin. And a lot were in the 20 to 30 lb class. Bottom fishing was also excellent with a lot of large AJ's for those with live Piggy Perch for bait. Sails are still around. We found one on Aransas Banks at 42 miles. Saw a few other boats come in with flags flying to. Didn't hear of any Blue or White Marlin. The seas were also great!!! around 1-2 ft all weekend. Blowing again out of the SE today but lets hope for a laydown this weekend.

8-9 - Well we have a beautiful forecast guy's and gal's. 1-2' seas for the weekend. Only downside is the forecasted East wind Sunday. Drives them to the bottom sometimes. Bottom and Amberjack fishing should be excellent out on any of the structures. Kingfishing close in and out at the structures should continue to be excellent. I'm hoping the sails are still in about 200' of water over Southern, Hosp and Baker. Wahoo and Dorado were thick down at Port Isabel this week during my visit. Hope some of them migrate back up here for the weekend. Tuna is the big question. Water is still a little too warm but some are turning up around the shrimp boats out in 180'+ of water. Have a great weekend, at least we should all have some sun and a nice ride.

8-5 - What a beautiful weekend. Thurs through Sat was as good as it's been in a few years. And it looks like it's stay this way for awhile. But Sunday with the East wind things did slow down. Haven't seen very many Wahoo or Dorado around. First Kings. Very hard to find. Those who chose to work the end of the jetties has very good catches. And they were thick on the structures out 25-30 miles offshore. In between the catch was light even for those who worked every shrimp boat in sight. Snapper/bottom fishing has been excellent. If you ever wanted a sail fish, now is the time. We've been getting shots every day over any structure from Baker to Southern. Pull Ballyhoo or Ribbon fish as slow as you can. Kind of like king fishing. You'll get a shot. Good luck............

8-2 - Weather is finally perfect. Water too warm for tuna. Kingfish have hidden somewhere. Closer to shore the better. Sailfish are everywhere. Blue water line is around 15 miles East!!!!!

Blue Marlin are also into around 200'. Bottom fishing on the structures out 35+ miles is excellent. Wahoo and Dorado have all but disappeared, but I expect that to improve with the calmer water and better formed weedlines this weekend. Tight Lines.

7-28 The big boats made it out to deep water and had a good day of bill fishing in really rough weather. 7-9' seas with gusts close to 30 all weekend. The regular charter fleet stayed inside 20miles king fishing. Some got limits and others, including me, did poorly. Just a matter of finding the right shrimp boat and drifting them. The head boats continued to get good catches of snapper using 1 pound weights to fight the strong drift. One boat did find three blackfin off shrimp boats out off Big Southern. By this weekend we should all be able to get tuna off the shrimp fleet anywhere over 180' of water. And the forcast is for a high to drift toward us, so the forcast is excellent from Thursday on.

7-23 Been pretty busy fishing. Catches of about everything has been great. Still big Darodo and Wahoo around. If anything has been slow it's bill fish. Been getting some but not like last year. This last weekend may have been missed by some due to a terrible forecast by NOAA. Turned out to be beautiful from Thursday to today. Getting a limit of snapper at 16''s is getting a little tougher. Big shrimp fleet off Southern and Baker will be bringing in the Blackfin any day. Friend got one at Baker Sunday. So save your chum. Right now the forcast looks good for the week and into the weekend.

7-8  Weather was terrible but improved for Sat and Sun. Kingfish were in near shore and hanging on the rigs out to 20 miles and real thick at Southern. Wahoo and Dorado still around in numbers on weedlines out past 25 miles. Boats venturing North have had the best Snapper catches around rigs in 80+ feet. Marlin and Sails were also caught at East breaks and Dutra. So in general the fishing has been excellent. 1998 all over again.

6-28 Fishing on Friday and Saturday was excellent for the few who ventured out. 7 to 9 to 12 foot seas, rain and 20 to 25 knot winds made it absolutly misserable. I think only the boats who were in the Masters tournment went out. Three Blue Marlin, couple of White marlin and five or so sail fish were realeased. Most boats out of the 20 or so had some dorado and wahoo. One boat had a 165 lb yellowfin and another a 100 pounder. But it was the most misserable trip I've ever had. Looks like things will be back to normal by mid week.

6-24 Fishing is the best I've seen it in years. Great weather over the weekend brought a ton of wahoo and dorado to the dock. Seemed every boat had some. Most were hitting on a weed line at 22 miles and the rest on an excellent line out about 32 miles. Snapper, ling and amberjack filled the rest of the box of many boats. Only the kingfishing was still a little slow, but with the water temp in the low 80's it won't be long. The boats competing in the Big Game Club all seemed to raise and release a few Sails and Blue Marlin on the Blue water line down toward Colt 45.

6-15 The weekend saw great weather for once. It was basically flat on Friday and Saturday. I saw amberjack, kings, dorado, snapper and wahoo come to the docks. Solid Waste went to Colt 45 and went three for ten on Sailfish. Thats where Blue Gray went to Blue. So if you really want Blue water you'll have to make 80 miles or so right now. Wind is blowing again but we might get lucky for next weekend.

6-10 - Had a good weekend of weather. Second in a row. Wahoo and dorado still around on weed lines. Snapper and king fish are still ah plenty out on the structures like Baker and Hospital. Water temp is in the low 80's so we should see the kings in close any day. Forcast for later in the week and weekend looks good again.

June 7 - After a little wind Wednsday, the weather except for a little rain looks good for Fri through Sunday. Should be great fishing. SKA Kingfish tournament is this weekend out of Island Moorings. So you'll see a lot of boats out chasing kings this weekend. Hope they are around. Snapper, big shark, ling and grouper fishing continues to be excellent. Weedlines should continue to produce wahoo and dorado. I expect to see the first sail this weekend. Maybe me. Good luck this weekend.

6-1 - That makes three days of fishable weather. About time. Snapper fishing has continued to be good out on the rocks. Big shark fishing is excellent too. Game fishing has been a little slow with the NE wind with only a few Wahoo comming in and no Dorado for a few days. Water temp is holding between 78 and 83. Should be an excellent summer of fishing.

May 27 - Finally got some decent weather over Memorial Day.  Those who stay close to shore got Jack fish but few if any kings. Those who made it out to the structures in 200' of water found weed lines and rips holding plenty of wahoo and dorado. Bottom fishing continued to be good over the structures like Hosp Rocks and baker. Didn't see any tuna or kingfish over the weekend. With one exception we had a skipjack tuna boated in 700' of water 60 miles out. I fished for marlin SE toward David's spot and never raised a bill. Rips off South Baker did hold a few marlin but none boated. East Breaks also had a few show up in the pattern but none boiated. Water is warm and the fishing is HOT. We just need more calm days and they are comming.

May 23 - Still blowing fairly hard out of the SE. Keeping the seas high and the anglers on shore. Forcast for Memorial Day is for more of the same. Slight chance the seas will be down under 5' and we'll all be able to get out.

May 16th - A local boat went out on Tuesday and boated 13 Wahoo at about 25 miles. Most were small summer ones. Bottom fishing continues to be great. Only problem is the wind, wind, wind. I ventured out just a few miles and found Jack Crevalle and Kings yesterday. Rough, I wouldn't call it acceptable fishing weather. Forcast for the next week or so is the same.  High winds and 7-9' seas. But sooner or later it will end. I hope sooner.

May 12 - Same old samo. Nothing has changed. Just 25 knot winds every day and tempatures about 8 degrees above normal. Good news is we may finally have a front come through Monday evening which may lead to a good lay day be Wednsday, then back to 20-30 out of the SE by the weekend. Just a little change has to be good.

May 8 -  Head boats are having a good snapper season with some nice grouper and ling thrown in. Private charters aren't going out due to the wind and high seas. Forcast through next Monday are for 7' seas with 20 to 30 knot winds. Good news is the water just gets warmer and warmer, so when thw wind finally drops off the fishing should be great!!!!!

May 4th - Forcast for the weekend was 20+ knot winds but something happened and it layed down just a little Friday evening. So we gave it a shot on Saturday early. Very high swells but light wind early in the am. Party got sick but I stopped on the way in about five miles out where the water turned brown to blue/gray. Kings were jumping out of the water at feathers so I put out a rapala and boated two right away. Girls were really green so we headed in  and arrived at Fisherman's Wharf about 9:00am. I went back out with a new crew looking for blue water and maybe an early marlin. Never found it. However at about 45 miles we hit blackfin, dorado and wahoo. Did ok for two hours of lines in the water. Water temp at 45 miles was 78.4 degrees. When the wind slows down and the water clears up a bit the bite is going to be great. But today Sunday it's blowing again and the forcast is more of the same.

April 30 - The water has really warmed up due yo constant warm SE winds. I can only assume that the fish are thick since it's so windy that we can'y get offshore. Certainly warm enough for an early King bite. The forsrable forcast is for more and more high wind. Today it was blowing 25 gusting to 30. Knots! Supposed to slow down to 15 or so on Friday and then blow hard all weekend. All I can say is there sure are going to be a lot of fish out there when it finally lays down,

April 18th -  It's been in the 80's and 90's with wind out of the SE for seven days now. Problem is, the warm SE wind is blowing from 20 to 30 knots everyday and forcasted to be the same for another week. Water is warming up fast so when it dies down the fishing should be excellent. Snapper season opens in a few days but you got to be able to get out there.

Apr 13 - The weather was beautiful with slow 3' seas on Thursday and not much came to the docks. Friday we went out to look for an early Blue marlin and ended up with nothing after hitting all the hot spots between East break and Southern. Saturday the weather continued to be excellent and we went for tuna at the local structures. Started at Southern with the rest of the fleet, and there were a bunch of them. Most were leaving by 10:00am with little or nothing. Heard of one Blackfin. One boat went East to deeper water and found a bunch of trash/boards and did get some wahoo and dolphin. We headed to Hosp Rocks area where the action was pretty poor for all who were there. We got one Blackfin. So on to Baker and we rig fished and hit the structure with little luck. As a side note we must have dumped back over 15 keeper snapper while trying for some sharks at Hosp Rocks. Can't wait until next week when snapper season opens. Beautiful weather all weekend, fishing just hasn't recovered since the latest fronts. Wind continues to blow out of the SE this week so the water and fishing should contineu to get better.

Apr 10th - Finally it looks like we may get a break in the weather. Turned to the East this afternoon and should move to the SE by mid day tomorrow. Forcast is for light (10 knots) out od the Se into Saturday night. Friday and Saturday should be excellent fishing for tuna and wahoo. And snapper or whatever. I'm heading out100 miles Thursday night to try for an early Marlin and then plan on tuna fishing Saturday. Good luck to all.

Apr 2nd - Well since the last real blast of 40 knot wind the fishing has really picked up. Last Friday one of the head boats out of Fisherman's Wharf on a private Customer deal got an 80 lb Wahoo, 100+ pound Yellowfin and a ton of Blackfin. Today all who ventured out got tuna. Shrimp boats and structures at 180 to 230 feet of water. Another front tonight but may clear for one good day on Fri or Sat, then another spring front. Good luck.

Mar 27th  - Wind continues to keep us all at the dock. Water temp is recovering slowely since the last blast of cold air from the North. Good news is we have more and more days with warm wind from the SE. When it gets below 15 knots the fishing should be great.

Mar 12th - Front after front is keeping the warm water and fish way, way offshore. Long range forcast would indicate that Sat or Sun this weekend may be good fishing/weather days. Lets hope the water temp will also recover by the weekend.

Mar 5th - Yesterday the 4th weather broke and a few boats ventured out. The lastest front that brought very high winds and freezing tempatures to South Texas has really messed up the Gulf. Water temp was 64 degrees at Southern and no fish around. We need the warm water to move back in and clear up before we have some wahoo and tuna back around. Looks like fishing will be marginal for a few weeks during recovery.

Feb 20, 2002- Wahoo and tuna bite continues to be GREAT. A few early dolphin and kingfish are comming in too. Any structure from Baker to Big Southern is holding fish. Only challenge is to be available to go on those few calm days. About avery 6 days or so it's laying down enough to fish. We got a nice Mako at Southern along with some wahoo last week. Also got some dorado on the bouy out by Baker. Guna be a great year..........

Jan 28, 2002 - New Texas record Mako was caught down in the Ranzells area on Sunday. 800+ pounds. Also a head boat came in yesterday with the first tuna in awhile working shrimp boats in 200' of water SE. Another strong front is comming through tomorrow but maybe it won't push out the tuna. Another boat went East out by Baker on Sunday and got good sized Dorado on weed lines and rips. Water temp at 40 miles is 72 degrees on the surface. If this next front doesn't do too much damage, it's starting to look like a good year with the water warming up early.

 Jan 25, 2002 - Some fishing preassure has cut back on the Wahoo bite a little. Six boats were at Southern on Sunday. Most left with a nice catch of a few winter Wahoo. We got there a little late and the bite was off by 9:30 am. We made our way North to the rocks and got a few nice Wahoo, biggest 86 lbs, and could you believe a kingfish too boot. Did find a few shrimp boats in 230' of water holding tons of Bonito. Maybe the tuna will follow soon.

Jan 18th, 2002 - Went out as an invited guest on Rob Landingham's Perservance Jr 30' Grady White with Capt Matt. We hit a few shrimp boats with no success and ended up down at Big Southern. The Wahoo bite was on. We had about 20 on and ended up with eleven(11) in the boat averaging over 35 lbs. Lost the real big ones. This is very good news. Maybe the tuna will follow soon.

Jan 16 2002 - Well I'm back from my out of town fishing adventures. Based on the reports I can get the fishing/weather hasn't changed much out of Port Aransas. I would like to report that the fishing hasn't been any better in Mexico and the South Pacific. They did catch a new Tatitian record Blue Marlin the day before I arrived. 1350 lbs. However I went zero for four trips and zero for one in Mexico.